Welcome to M & C performance CoachingĀ 

tailored strength, condition and endurance coaching to help you reach your full potential

We are a team of experienced, qualified and skilled coaches and trainers - who actually DO what they coach!

Whether your goal is to ride across a continent, compete at a higher level, stay 'ride fit' for your bike-packing weekends, or you simply want to be able to get out as far and wide and as often as possible, and enjoy your cycling without the aches, pains and exhaustion you might currently endure, then we can help you to make this happen.

The individuals that make up the M&C team cover a range of coaching disciplines, which enables us to give you an almost birds-eye-view of your fitness, performance and progress towards your goals.

We won't tie you into a long-term package or subscription, we understand that our style may not be for everyone, and so you can try our approach for a minimum of three months - time enough for us all to map and assess your progress.

Call us or message us today - and let's get out there!

Offer: We are now offering a free assessment and a free one-month trial of our bronze coaching package. Just give us a message.