Why M & C Performance Coaching

our combined Qualifications and experience make us your  winning team

All of our team have been coaching and working with athletes for a considerable period time - over 40 years when you add it all together!  We each continue our professional development, striving to be the best in our respective fields.

When you decide to work with us you will be benefitting from:

  • Accumulated specialist knowledge, experience and skill across all the key performance cornerstones
  • Experience of coaching, training and working together with people of all ages, at all fitness levels, who are striving for all kinds of goals
  • A team with an all-encompassing view of the elements that combine for success
  • Professionally qualified coaches and trainers
  • A team who actually DO what they teach!
  • Individuals who have proven success records in their own specialities
  • Competitor, participator and supportive experience from the highest level of competitive racing, through to distance and endurance riding - be it for a single planned event or a long term pursuit
  • A wide network of contacts across many complementing specialisms such as nutrition, physiotherapy and sports massage